Homeopathy: The Best Treatment For Seasonal Allergies!

Homeopathy: The Best Treatment For Seasonal Allergies!


By Dr. Pawan Uniyal, Homeopathy, 

Homeopathy is a well-known field of medicine in which the naturally found elements are administered in minuscule doses so as to make a profound difference on the body and condition of the patient, in the long run. Seasonal allergies are one such condition that can also be repaired with the help of homeopathy. Let us understand this in a better manner.

What are seasonal allergies?

One must first understand what seasonal allergies are, in order to understand the connection between this and homeopathic treatment. Seasonal allergies are known as hay fever and they typically occur for those individuals who are susceptible to these kinds of allergic reactions, whenever there is a season change.

During a change of season, the air quality, the humidity as well as the overall pollen and dust content of the air may get significantly altered. Various kinds of people react to these changes in various ways. Some people may come down with a viral fever and flu, while others may suffer from cold and allergic reactions. The symptoms of these typically include a runny nose along with watery and itchy eyes. This happens due to the increased production of a chemical known as histamine, in the body. Histamine is an allergy-causing chemical, which increases for some people when the body comes in contact with nettle, grass, dust, pollen, pet hair and various other kinds of allergens.

Support to the healing system

With its small doses, homeopathy works by giving a subtle lift to the healing system of the body. These small doses of elements are recognised by the intrinsic healing system of the human body, which takes the cue from the same so as to imbibe better energy from his or her surroundings in order to heal the body and bring it back to its fittest state. This usually takes a while to start working, but the effects stay on in the long run.

  1. Allium Cepa: This medicine can be used when the allergy has hit the upper lip and nose with sensations like itching and some amount of inflammation.
  2. Arsenicum Album: When the allergic reactions reach the eyes as well as the nose and mouth to create irritation and a burning sensation, then one can turn to this medicine for relief.
  3. Sabadilla: If the allergic reaction is primarily due to the pollen that is released by flowers during the changing seasons, then the homeopathic cure for it can be found in Sabadilla. This medicine can also be used when the allergic reaction causes severe symptoms like a runny nose.
  4. Wyethia: This medicine can be used for symptoms like an itching sensation in the throat, nose and eyes. Other symptoms include a sore throat and a rough voice.