Erectile Dysfunction – Know Its Causes and Treatments!

Erectile Dysfunction – Know Its Causes and Treatments!


By Dr. Sanjay Erande, Sexology,

Erectile dysfunction is a condition wherein a man is unable to attain and/or hold an erection, thus resulting in sexual impotence. If this issue is chronic in nature, then it may lead to problems in your relationship and increase your stress levels. Erectile dysfunction can also indicate an underlying health condition such as diabetes or heart disease.


The symptoms of erectile dysfunction are:

  1. It will be difficult to maintain an erection.
  2. You may have trouble in getting an erection.
  3. Low levels of libido and thus, low sexual desire.


The male sexual arousal process is complex, as it involves hormones, emotions, muscles, nerves and blood vessels. High stress levels and other mental problems can also aggravate symptoms of erectile dysfunction. Some physical causes of erectile dysfunction are:

  1. High cholesterol levels
  2. Complications of the heart
  3. If your blood vessels are clogged

Symptoms of Obesity and Diabetes-

  1. Parkinson’s disease (a disease of the nervous system that affects movement and other motor functions).
  2. Tobacco consumption.
  3. Sleep problems.
  4. Consuming alcohol in excessive amounts.
  5. Injuries of the spinal cord or the pelvic region.

Ayurvedic Treatments-

ED is treatable at any age. The total treatment for impotence is called ‘Vajikarana therapy’ in ayurveda. As this natural erectile dysfunction remedy increases the strength of a man to perform sexual act, like a horse, it is called ‘Vaajikarana’. ( ‘ Vaaji’=Horse.)

Vaajikarana therapy or herbal treatment for erectile dysfunction leads to-

  1. Happiness.
  2. Good strength.
  3. Potency to produce healthy offspring.
  4. Increased span of erection.

Drug Therapy-

Numerous herbal preparations are mentioned in Ayurveda to treat ED or impotence. It has been said that people who have strong sexual urge, who want to enjoy sex regularly have to consume these preparations regularly to replenish the energy, vigor, stamina and strength. These preparations also supply the nutrients which are necessary for production of semen.

Mental Well Being:

Stress and anxiety can aggravate or worsen symptoms of erectile dysfunction. Try meditation related techniques as they have the ability to calm your mind and get rid of unwanted thoughts.

Ayurveda Tips to Overcome ED-

  1. Consume herbal preparations to rejuvenate the reproductive organs.
  2. Massage the body with a herbal oil which gives a relief from physical exertion and also acts as aphrodisiac.
  3. Practicing Yoga and Meditation to overcome mental exertion and to cope up with stress.
  4. Sleep at least for 8 hours a day.
  5. Avoiding the consumption of alcohol, tobacco, heroin etc.
  6. Exercise regularly.
  7. Avoid hot, spicy and bitter foods.
  8. Favor sweets, milk products, nuts and urad dal.
  9. Add little ghee in your diet.
  10. Give a gap of four days between two consecutive intercourses

The ayurvedic treatments are holistic in nature and do not cause any side effects unlike conventional treatments. These remedies are entirely natural and treat the cause of the condition instead of just curing the symptoms.