Sculptra: Everything You Need To Know About It!

Sculptra: Everything You Need To Know About It!


By Dr. Vaishali Uzagare, Cosmetic Physician,

With esthetic appeal on the rise, people are always wanting to look younger, better sculpted, with a firmer skin and glow. However, this is something that changes with age, and most people worry about the changing face. The fine lines, wrinkles, crow’s feet, nasolabial folds are all concerns which begin to affect people and add to worrying.

This has become a major area for research and there are now multiple options available for correcting these and improving appearance.

One of the common theories for repair includes firming up the underlying tissue layers by using substances which are naturally present in these layers.

Lactic acid is one such ingredient that is used in the process known as Sculptra. Poly-A-lactic acid is used as a single injection in predetermined concentrations in predetermined areas to correct and improve contours of the face.

It works on the face in a very subtle manner, without making it very obvious, so the chances of identifying that a person has undergone surgical correction are very less.

Indications: Sculptra can be used to correct the following problems.

  1. Sagging nasolabial folds
  2. Facial wrinkles

Contraindications: It is not advisable to use Sculptra in the below cases.

  1. Age less than 18
  2. People with weak immune systems
  3. People prone to allergies
  4. People prone to keloids or scar formation
  5. Pregnancy and lactation
  6. Active skin infection

What is done?

  1. The concentration and frequency of injection will be determined by the doctor and the patient based on what the results can be and what the patient wants.
  2. Under local anaesthesia, specific areas of the skin are injected with Sculptra
  3. The injections might need to be repeated at regular intervals
  4. Most people require about 3 injections over a period of months
  5. There could be slight swelling and redness of the skin which will subside in a while
  6. A cold pack can be applied to the skin which will help in controlling the swelling and redness
  7. Massaging the facial skin also aids in faster recovery
  8. Exposure to direct sunlight must be avoided
  9. Prior to going for the treatment, it is advisable to clarify all queries in terms of the do’s and don’t’s
  10. Sculptra is a procedure where the results are seen gradually and the results are not immediate
  11. Be prepared for this, as most people expect immediate results, which can be disappointing
  12. However, give your skin a few weeks, and you will be receiving compliments in abundance
  13. It is, therefore, important that contour deficiencies are not over-corrected, as with time, the contours corrections will become evident.

The cost of the treatment can vary based on physicians and patient needs.