Diabetes Control – Diet, Exercise, Medicines

Diabetes Control – Diet, Exercise, Medicines


By Dr. Rajesh Kesari, Endocrinology,

Diabetes is an abnormal condition that occurs in the human body where the sugar-levels are higher than usual. A number of simple practices can help in maintaining sugar-levels which in turn helps in controlling diabetes.

1. Diet: A healthy and nutritious diet is the primary and easiest method of diabetic control. It is important to enjoy the food consumed while overeating and poor choice of food should be avoided.

Advisable foods include:

a) Cooked, raw or roasted vegetables: Low carbohydrate vegetables like onions, Brussel sprouts, mushrooms, tomatoes etc. along with dips such as hummus, salsa or different seasonings like garlic, rosemary pepper.

b) Low Calorie drinks: Cold tea and water infused with vegetable and fruits.

c) Greens: Kale, spinach and chard, either roasted in olive oil or in combination with other vegetables.

d) Melons or Berries: Plain or mixed with yogurt.

2. Exercise: Among the many benefits of exercise, one important feature is reduction in glucose levels of the blood. Individuals having type 2 diabetes show an excess of glucose in the blood. This is caused by their body’s inability to create enough insulin to process the glucose, or on the grounds that their body doesn’t utilize insulin appropriately. Muscles are capable of glucose absorption without insulin during exercise, thereby resulting in a reduction in glucose level.

3. Medicine: May need to be taken lifelong since theres no cure for Diabetes – it can only be managed, Also Diabbetes is a progressive disease, with time bodys capacity to produce insulin decreases hence change in dosage or type of medication would be required. Diabetes does not give any symptoms, hence you must regularly do check ups and consult a doctor.