How Can Thermage Help You To Get A New And Improved Skin?

How Can Thermage Help You To Get A New And Improved Skin?


By Dr. Anuj Saigal, Dermatology,

Most of the cosmetic surgeries are minimally invasive and are aimed at improving the aesthetics of the face or the body. Thermage is also a non-invasive and safe treatment, the primary objective of which is to improve the quality of the skin, make it seamless and firm. After the procedure, the candidates achieve a more natural-looking skin. The best thing about this treatment is that, everyone can opt for thermage. It is suitable for all skin types. Thermage radiofrequency cosmetic procedure is used to treat fine lines, wrinkles and dimpled skin. It can treat these skin defects in any part of the body.

What Happens during the Treatment?
Radiofrequency ablation involves the application of heat. In case of thermage too, heat is applied on your skin so that the existing collagen (the structural protein present in the skin) is regenerated and new collagen is formed. It is more effective than other cosmetic procedures, because the heat reaches the deepest layers of your skin, so that the collagen can respond better. When the thermage device is placed on the skin, the patient feels a cooling sensation initially, followed by a sensation of deep heat. Again the patient feels a cooling sensation. If the doctor uses a superior device then the patient can also sense a vibration. If you get Botox injection, you will have to repeat the procedure after a period of 6 months. But in this case, the sessions are usually not reiterated. Therefore it is easier. The procedure is also time-efficient. You get a smooth skin within 90 minutes tops. This is an out-patient procedure. So you can go back home on the same day.

Preparation Before Treatment and What to Expect After
There are no preparatory routines that you need to follow before the thermage procedure except daily moisturizing and toning. Apart from that, apply sunscreen every day before this treatment. After this treatment you might observe redness on the area where the heat has been exerted, or it might remain swollen for 24 hours. But after that, these signs recede after a day is passed. The positive effect might be observed immediately, or after a month or two once the collagen remodeling takes proper effect. This is the best treatment available owing to the fact that it lasts longer and rejuvenates the skin retaining its natural properties.