Sexual Weakness: Ayurvedic Treatment to Overcome

Sexual Weakness: Ayurvedic Treatment to Overcome


By Dr. Kaushal Kumar Yadav, Ayurveda,

Sexual Weakness or Erectile Dysfunction is a condition that occur either early on in man’s life or as time passes, it is characterized by the inability to maintain an erect penis that is rigid enough for sexual penetration. This health disorder which is also known as impotence can have physical and various psychological causes behind it. The physical reasons, the ones that we usually neglect behind this disorder includes high blood pressure, cholesterol, heart and vascular diseases, low hormone levels, and even problems like cancer and diabetes may be behind erectile dysfunction. These common diseases affect almost every second individual, and are often not thought about as affecting other parts of your life. Over consumption of alcohol and other similar drug is another physical cause giving rise to sexual weakness problem in men. This inturn leads way to severe nervous disorders in future life. Longstanding diabetes is a common cause inducing weakness problem in men. It damages proper functioning of nerve cells and reduces sperm production.

The psychological reasons, on the other hand, arise from a pattern of anxiety and nervousness that is part of the pressure of daily life. The fatigue that the physical body goes through is another reason behind sexual weakness. Malnourishment or overweight can also have an adverse affect on libido and sexual abilities. Obesity can dull one’s reflexes and slows down the body which can then have an effect on sexual performance.

Ayurveda as the cure for Sexual Weakness:

Most of the medicines available for sexual weakness include those that are very strong drugs and may or may not work, this often leaves a person in doubt. Ayurveda, on the other hand, is an effective and safe remedy for this disorder as it causes no side effects and shows results faster than other medicines. The ingredients used for ayurvedic medicines are natural and work directly on the problem area, they also help in other factors that trigger sexual weakness such as fatigue and weakness. Thereby these medicines have an overall effect of well being whereas other medicines only work one way. So, go Ayurvedic today!