Pre and Post Natal Women – Role of Physiotherapy In It!

Pre and Post Natal Women – Role of Physiotherapy In It!


By Dr. Deep Arya, Physiotherapy,

Pregnancy comes with its host of hormonal shifts inside a woman’s body. With severe hormonal changes, you may complain of a number of bodily pains and aches. This is absolutely normal and can be treated through physiotherapy.

Before you delve deep into the role of physiotherapy, let us see some of the common problems a pregnant woman might complain of:


  1. The first thing you complain of is sciatica. Sciatica is basically a nerve which begins at your lower back and ends at the back of your feet. During pregnancy, there is a huge pressure exerted on it and due to continuous pressure, you may experience weakness or numbness.
  2. Carpal tunnel syndrome or swelling of the nerves around your wrist is another major problem. Apart from these, you may suffer from lower back pain, weakness in the urinary tract and joint pain.


You may experience postnatal physical problems, quite similar to the prenatal ones. Apart from that, abdominal separation or ‘diastasis recti’ might also be a complication wherein you experience an excessive stretch on your abdominal muscles.

Physiotherapy Treatments

1. For your pre-natal symptoms, your physiotherapist will recommend you varied treatments such as soft tissue techniques, mobilization, stretch and strength exercise for your body. For treating your carpal tunnel syndrome, braces might be recommended to wear around your wrists.

2. One of the most effective cures for treating your postnatal problems is the ‘Pilates-based’ workout program which can increase your physical and mental tenacity.

3. There is another treatment called ‘Hydrotherapy-Adelaide’, which is the application of warm water for relaxing your muscles and relieving the pain. For a better functioning of the urinary tract, you may be recommended some pelvic-floor exercises.