How Cow Urine Therapy Helps Manage Diabetes?

How Cow Urine Therapy Helps Manage Diabetes?


By Bhujbale’s Ayurveda & Piles Clinic, Ayurveda,

Diabetes is a condition that is characterized by presence of excessive sugar in the blood. It either occurs due to insulin sensitivity or impaired insulin production in the body. Diabetes is a lifestyle disorder and can last an entire lifetime. Hence, it is important to make changes your lifestyle to keep diabetes under control.

The symptoms of diabetes are:

1. Fatigue:

You may experience fatigue as the sugar does not get properly metabolized in the body and thus, is not available for your body’s energy needs.

2. Weight Fluctuations:

Frequent urination may lead to loss of glucose from the body. This may lead to cravings for food, resulting in rapid fluctuations in weight.

3. Blurred vision:

Presence of excessive sugar in the body may lead to loss of fluid from the tissues in your body. This may hamper the ability of your eye to focus and cause blurred vision.

4. Feeling thirsty:

You may constantly feel thirsty if you are affected by diabetes as the presence of excess sugar in the body leads to frequent urination.

How does cow urine therapy work?

Cow urine therapy involves using cow urine to treat various disorders. Cow urine contains elements like carbolic acid and nitrogen that are good for the body. Nitrogen is a diuretic that helps in boosting kidney functions. Cow urine also contains various minerals that are good for the body in case you have diabetes. It helps in replenishing minerals in the body which is lost due to frequent urination.