Laser Hair Removal – Know Its Types!

Laser Hair Removal – Know Its Types!


By Dr. Smita Priyadarshni, Dermatology

While the hair on your head is an integral part of your physical appearance, hair on certain parts of the body is mostly unwanted. For women, a condition called ‘hirsutism’ can be especially embarrassing. This is a condition wherein a woman develops excessive hair on her chest, back and face, akin to male pattern body hair. Apart from this, women may want to get hair removed from other areas such as lower abdomen as well as the underarms. Men also opt for hair removal on the back and other areas that may be deemed unsightly.

Laser Hair Removal-

This is one of the most trusted and effective ways of hair removal. Laser hair removal helps to permanently kill the follicles of unwanted hair, which then results in a smoother skin and look. Laser hair removal is painless and quick and usually doesn’t take too many sessions to complete. Although much of the hair is removed in the first session, you may have to do follow up sessions for the complete treatment.

Types of Laser Hair Removal-

There are two types of laser hair removal which are very popular due to their effectiveness. These are mentioned below in detail:-

  1. Diode: The Diode laser operates at an 800 or 810nm wavelength. This longer wavelength allows for a deeper penetration into the skin, theoretically avoiding the melanin in the skin’s epidermis and therefore targeting the hair follicle directly.
  2. Alexandrite: The Alexandrite laser is best for those with fairer skin tones. The laser has a great level of penetration and it helps to remove fine, thin hair which other lasers might miss. However, this style of laser may cause alterations in skin pigment, which may include darkening of the complexion or lightening of the complexion.
  3. NDYAG Long Pulse: NDYAG or Neodymium Yttrium Aluminium Garnet is a type of laser which uses a very small wavelength of light and can thus penetrate deep within the skin. This is also similar to soprano removal where it heats up the germ of the follicle to stop hair growth but differs in the methods used to generate the laser beam used to carry out the procedure.

In Which Part Of The Body Is Laser Hair Removal Effective?

Laser hair removal is effective on all parts of the body for both the sexes. These include:

  1. Underarms
  2. Face
  3. Chest
  4. Neck
  5. Bikini line
  6. Back

How Is The Procedure Carried Out?

A protective cream or layer is put on the skin to prevent it from heating up due to contact with the laser. These creams work as a coolant on the skin, while the melanin in the hair is targeted. A laser probe is held to your skin in the area where the hair needs to be removed. Although a lot of hair is removed in the first session, you may need to do multiple sessions depending on the size of the area and the amount of hair growth in the region.