Reasons Of Hair Loss In Rainy Seasons And Its Preventing Tips!

Reasons Of Hair Loss In Rainy Seasons And Its Preventing Tips!


By Dr. Ritesh Chawla , Ayurveda

If you suffer from hair fall problems on a regularly basis, you should take note of the fact that your woes are about to get worse during the rainy season or monsoons in India. It is said that people normally lose about 50 to 100 strands per day and during the monsoon season, hair fall increases by about thirty percent.

The reason for such aggravated hair fall is the pollutants that are airborne combining with the raindrops leading to-

  1. Increased itchiness,
  2. Fungal infections of the scalp,
  3. Dandruff formation

Your hair becomes frizzy, unmanageable and extremely brittle during this time. While you cannot control natural phenomenon such as rainfall, you can surely take ample care of your precious hair so that hairfall is significantly reduced.

Hairfall Prevention Tips:

  1. Frequent Oiling in order to strengthen its roots
  2. Regular washing is very important to keep your scalp oil-free. If you become wet during a heavy shower, it is advised that you wash your hair right away to prevent fungal infection and dandruff.
  3. Follow a healthy diet rich in fruits, boiled vegetables and proteins. Avoid consuming spicy, fatty and deep fried foods. Other Essential Tips and Tricks for Regulating Hairfall include:
  4. Ensure to keep your hair dry at all times in order to minimize the chances of any breakage
  5. Avoid using hair styling products that are high in chemical content during the rainy season.
  6. Use a shampoo that is very mild for hair. In order to reduce scalp itchiness and nourish your hair you can add a little bit of aloe vera gel extracted from the plant. Tea tree oil also works wonders for strengthening the roots of hair.

You cannot negate the process of hairfall completely but by following certain tips and hair care routines during monsoon, you can surely minimize the damage and compensate for the loss that is taking place.