Arthritis – What Homeopathy Can Do To Treat It?

Arthritis – What Homeopathy Can Do To Treat It?


By Dr. Mahesh Jadhav,Homeopathy

Arthritis can often be a debilitating condition which can really affect your daily functioning. In most cases however, it is a painful condition that affects your joints and bones. Most people report pain and stiffening of the joints which slowly becomes worse over time. Although there are multiple forms of arthritis, the primary two types are:

a. Osteoarthritis – This is characterized by a breakdown of the cartilage between the bones.

b. Rheumatoid Arthritis – This is a form of autoimmune disease that severely affects the lining within the joints of bones.

Common Symptoms of Arthritis-

Some of the common symptoms of both forms of arthritis include:

1. Stiffness in the joints

2. Swelling in particular joints or most joints of the body

3. Redness in the affected areas

4. Decrease in mobility either due to pain or stiffness

5. Pain in the joints of the body

Causes of Arthritis-

The causes of arthritis may vary from person to person but let’s look at some of the common reasons which may lead you to develop arthritis.

  1. Genetic Predisposition - Some people are more likely to develop arthritis as they are genetically predisposed to it as the vulnerability to this condition has been passed down to them from their parents.
  2. Diet and Nutrition Habits - Certain foods, especially red meat and animal derived products such as seafood can cause the uric acid levels to go up and cause arthritis as well as gout. Smoking also has been known to exacerbate this condition.
  3. Immune System Problems - Rheumatoid arthritis is one condition which is caused by the immune system attacking the lining of the joints within the body. Thus, this underlying condition needs to be treated to reduce the symptoms.
  4. lifestyle issues - like overweight and obesity, posture etc.


There are many homoeopathic remedies for arthritis like Rhus tox., bryonia, guiacum, apis, etc. But homoeopathic treatment changes from person to person as per there physical complaints and minds.

Also, you can start following a healthy diet, exercise properly, maintain a healthy weight and avoid excessive repetitive movements of the joints reduce symptoms or prevent it from happening altogether.Homeopathy has been very effective for such problems.