Diabetes And Ayurveda – How It Helps?

Diabetes And Ayurveda – How It Helps?


By Dr. Amit Patel, Ayurveda

Health tips:-

1. Natural body reflexes and Diseases interrelations:-

Ayurveda believes that if you hold your reflex that leads to many diseases. Thirteen types of natural reflexes in humane body has been described but most important are five one which are sleep, hunger, thirst, urine and defecation. Today fast life we mostly unaware about it and it arrives we don’t have time and when we have time they gone so this is main seed and root causes of all diseases apart from other one. Many children are suffering from eye sight problem just because of to hold this reflexes. So teach your child and family members to never do it whatsoever situation around you. Inspite of doing your job, business or work you need to be alert or aware for it. “Bhukh lage tab Kha lo, Nind aaye tab so jao, urine lage tab chale jao” this is the secret key of your maintaining the health. But we people don’t have time when we hungry we might be busy in meeting, if it happens again and again which lead to many diseases speacial muskculo skeleton problem. So if you are suffering by acidity, backaache, cervical problem then ask yourself first that what about your timing n try to be regularise your biological clock first. People often do breakfast before having bath which leads to gastrtitis and create ‘Aama’ condition in body.

2. Relation of six tests in food and diseases:-

We don’t to know about six tests of food as “Madhur (sweet), Amla (sour), Lavana(salty), Katu(Pungent), Tikta(bitter), Kashay(Astringent) and their impact on health. Most of the diseases occurs due to imbalance ratio of this rasa in our food. For example, excessive madhur rasa leads many kapha disorders like obesity, diabetes, heart diseases, hypothyrodism. Excessive use of amla katu ras leads to skin diseases and blood disorders, lavana ras leads to hair fall, baldness, impotency, oligospermia, Over use of bitter ras, creates dryness, constipation, impotency etc. However most of the people using first three rasa, madhur, amla and lavana, Last three one Katu,Tikta, Kashaya are ignored bcs our routine foods are like wheat, rice and milk apart from other sweet testes. So you need to balance daily by taking these three rasa for maintaing health. Adarak (Ginger), Methi, Haldi are key sources of katu, tikta and kashay ras.

3. Need of panchkarma and therapy in routine life for prevention:

How importants of panchkarma in daily life to maintain health. Many technique in panchkarma has been described in ayurveda. But some of the simple things we have to do regularly at home or weekly at health center. For example, Many people are suffering from arthritis, cervical spondyolytis and other musculoskeleton disorders. Abhyanga (Ayurvedic massage) or regularly apply luke warm oil on joints by empty stomch prevent such choronic disorders. People often suffering, Migrain, headache, greying of hair, hairfall, poor eye sight conditon “Nasya” is powerful technique to deal such conditon as put 3-3 luke warm cow ghee drops in each nostrils.

4. Diabetes and Ayurveda-

Diabetes mellitus is closely resembles Madhuprameha in Ayurved. It is described under category of ‘Santarpanjanya Vyadhi’ (sedentary lifestyle associated overeating). In Ayurveda ‘Ama,or Ajirna’ are responsible for diabetes which is generated in blood due to improper diet, excessive use of milk product, curd, sweets and sedentary lifestyle associated with psychological stress.Therefore stopping the formation of ama or ajirna is key factor in diabetes management under supervision of Ayurvedic expert. Only taking bitter herbal medicines is not going to solve the problem. In Ayurved Biophysical properties of Rasa and Rakta Dhatu are more important than level of blood glucose that is why in some cases persons having normal blood glucose also feel from complications and symptoms of diabetes mellitus. Persons having Kapha prakriti and those having genetically predisposition with improper sedentary lifestyle are more prone to this disease. Once diet, lifestyle directly affects energy chakras in Astral body. These chakras are directly related to endocrine glands and autonomic nervous systems. Therefore meditations, Pranayam, yoga are the best ways to balance these hormones. Once complications arised like diabetes neuropathy, retinopathy, nephropathy, it’s very difficult to treat them so prevention is always better than cure. But there is absolute treatment in Ayurveda if patient is in initial stage of diabetes even disease is developed within year.

Ways to prevent diabetes mellitus:

  1. Avoid over eating, junk food, processes, preserved food and sedentary stressful lifestyle
  2. Take luke warm water with some spices like cumin, ginger, coriander, turmeric, fenugreek,cinnamon bark powder abd be regular in yogy, pranayam and physical activity
  3. Regular check up of blood suger
  4. Balanced six rasa (sweet, sour, salty,pungent, botter, astringent) diets according to your prakriti to be advisable
  5. Avoid many and opposite varieties of food at a time(Viruddha aahar)
  6. Do some seasonal body purification(panchkarma therapy, Ayurvedic massage etc.)

Stay healthy just through knowledge than medicines:

Many of suffering from diseases not because of just infection or law immunity or other reason but lack of knowledge is root causes of all disease which is called of “pragyaapradh” in ayurveda. If you don’t have right knowledge you cant be follow the correct lifestyle too. Many people are aware or health conscious but they get some scattered knowledge through tips or through internet. Ayurveda is right platform to serve all kind of knowledge which is enough to prevent any diseases. For example..Many people are suffering from acidity or gastritis but if they know that to maintain gap between two meas, have bath at empty stomach, never have bath after breakfast apart from avoid junk food or spicy food. Even too hold natural reflex of body like hunger, thirst, sleep, defecation, urination etc is leads too many disease specially muskulo skeleton disorders, like arthritis, backache. You can download “ayur sattva” app from play store, android phone for getting all kind of ayurvedic knowledge in easy way which enough to make you healthy.