Indecisiveness, Procrastination And Desire Fulfilment!

Indecisiveness, Procrastination And Desire Fulfilment!


By Dr. Vikas Khanna,Psychology

If you are stuck in your self- pity mode, sulking, feeling down there are these questions which one should ask oneself

  1. The most important question which one should ask oneself is ‘’what do I want”?
  2. Have I acted on what I want or is one’s back side stuck to the glue of pros and cons
  3. Do I want what others want me to want?
  4. So am I fixed about how I should get what I should get?
  5. Am I obsessed with avoiding an unfavourable outcome that I do not act?
  6. Do I really believe that life graph only should go up, never down?
  7. Am I diseased with germs of analysis?
  8. Am I the explorer who is forever probing and searching as to what is the right want?
  9. Have I filled my buffet plate with everything served as to now I know not, what is what and where to start?

If the answer to most of these questions is yes, then one can identify oneself as someone just hustling to and fro on the bank of a river, wanting to take a dip in the water but unable to take it as he is not got the guarantee of security, surety and the fruitfulness of the jump!!

And there are many who just spend the lifetime on the banks.

What about just moving the back side and taking the plunge?