Vaginismus – What All Should You Know?

Vaginismus – What All Should You Know?


By Motherhood,Gynaecology

Vaginismus is basically a squeeze or spasm of the vagina when something is entering it such as a tampon or penis. Therefore, it is very painful to have sexual intercourse when you have a condition like Vaginismus. Here is everything you need to know about Vaginismus including causes, symptoms and treatment


1. Painful sex

There is a very strong pain while having sex especially when the penis is put into the vagina of a woman suffering from vaginismus. Women have described this pain as a tearing sensation or like hitting a wall.

2. Pain while inserting tampon

This will also bring a lot of pain. Therefore, it is very important that you do not ignore this pain.

3. Pain during doctor’s internal pelvic exam

Sometimes a doctor’s internal pelvic exam also brings pain to the vagina.


There are several possible causes of Vaginismus. These include anxiety and the fear of having sex. However, infections are yet another cause of Vaginismus. Therefore, it is crucial that you consult a doctor if you observe any symptoms of the disease as Vaginismus has a lot of forms.


Kegel exercises are the first way to stop the pain due to Vaginismus. You must squeeze the vaginal muscles and hold it for two seconds and then relax those same muscles. However, do not do more than 20 Kegel exercises in a day. However, this mostly works when the Vaginismus is caused by infections. It hardly helps for women whose Vaginismus is due to fear or anxiety. It is crucial for these women to see a therapist as any physiological exercise is going to have no effect on them. Finally, do press the vaginal muscles before sex to see if there is still a problem with only one, two but not more than three fingers and also trim your fingernails and use a lubricant such as water.