Dandruff – Homeopathic Remedies That Can Be Of Help!

Dandruff – Homeopathic Remedies That Can Be Of Help!


By Dr. Babitha Jayapal, Homeopathy

Dandruff or Pityriasis Simplex Capillitii is a condition where the scalp is full of white flakes of skin, caused due to various reasons. Extremely dry skinned people tend to suffer from dandruff. Sometimes if you don’t brush your hair as much as needed or don’t shampoo very often, you might have a tendency to suffer from it. Oily skin may also act as a catalyst. Dandruff can also be a side effect of yeast sensitivity. Dandruff can cause a lot of discomfort to you as it causes itching and irritation. It also has a typical stench.

Basically, dandruff is nothing but dead cells on the scalp skin, but it is not rigid there. Dandruff might affect the ear, the eyebrows, the sides of the nose, the beard, even the hairy region of the chest.

Everyone looks for different remedies to cure dandruff. Some might even harm your hair. Homeopathy, unlike other remedies will not only cure dandruff but also the root cause. Here are 5 homeopathic remedies for dandruff which will help you without causing harm:

1. Kali Sulphuricum: Kali Sulphuricum is often used in the case of creamish yellow and scaly dandruff. It also treats other scalp conditions like scald head.

2. Thuja: This remedy is used when the dandruff is white and scaly, and the flakes of dandruff keep falling off on the shoulders and forehead.

3. Phosphorous: Phosphorous may be used as a remedy when the dandruff is white and scaly, and is accompanied by profuse hair fall and itching.

4. Sanicula: Sanicula helps to cure profuse scaly white dandruff.

5. Badiaga: Badiaga cures not only white dandruff, but also sore and dry scalp.