How To Deal With Impotence In Men With The Help Of Ayurveda?

How To Deal With Impotence In Men With The Help Of Ayurveda?


By Dr. Anu Goyal,Ayurveda

Impotence, commonly referred to as erectile dysfunction occurs when a man isn’t able to get an erection or maintain one during sexual intercourse. The erection is a result of physical and mental stimulation. Owing to various factors, one might be suffering from erectile dysfunction.

Causes of Erectile Dysfunction:

  1. Hypertension
  2. Hyperthyroidism (overactive thyroid gland)
  3. Cardiovascular diseases
  4. Diabetes
  5. Side effects of certain medications
  6. Hormonal problems
  7. Kidney failure
  8. Chronic distress
  9. Lifestyle: Smoking and alcoholism

Ayurveda is often considered to be an effective treatment for erectile dysfunction as certain remedies can cure it. Listed below are a few Ayurvedic remedies that can help in curing impotence:

  1. Boil drumstick flowers in warm milk and consume it twice a day. This preparation can help in curing impotence in one month.
  2. Saw palmetto can prove to be an effective herb which aims at increasing libido in men and improving penile function. It also helps one sustain erection for a longer period of time.
  3. Pomegranate juice is loaded with antioxidants and can help in increasing the blood flow to your genitals. This might prove to be useful in increasing your sex drive.
  4. Jeera powder, which is packed with zinc and potassium, mixed with warm water can be used as a remedy for impotence. This mixture increases the blood flow to your genitals, thus, helping you get and maintain an erection.
  5. A particular herb known as Ashwagandha can help in restoring one’s libido. This herb also helps in maintaining an erection for a longer time.
  6. A concoction of ginger paste and honey in warm water consumed twice in a day can prove to be effective in curing impotence.
  7. A herb known as Ginkgo biloba aims at improving blood flow to the penile tissues and getting rid of erectile dysfunction.