Congenital Heart Disease – Know Symptoms Of It!

Congenital Heart Disease – Know Symptoms Of It!


By Dr. Ajay Aggarwal Heart Specialist , Cardiology

Congenital heart disease is a severe heart condition or a defect which develops while the baby is still in the mother’s womb. This might take a few forms such as incomplete formation of the baby’s heart valves or holes in the heart’s chambers. Each of these heart conditions can be fatal if left untreated; though surgery is an efficient treatment for many.

Causes of congenital heart diseases:

1. Problems in the chromosomes or genes can be a cause of the disease.

2. Drug abuse during pregnancy, or taking certain medications, can result in congenital heart diseases for the baby.

3. Contracting rubella while in the first 3 months of pregnancy can also be a possible cause.

Types of congenital heart disorders:

1. Defect in the heart valves

This is a serious condition. In this condition, the valves can be too narrow or fully blocked so that blood simply cannot get through.

2. Holes in the heart’s chambers

Holes present in the baby’s heart chambers can also be the cause.

Symptoms of congenital heart diseases:

1. Cyanosis

This results in the skin becoming bluish; reflecting impairment of blood flow to the heart.

2. Problems with exercising or being unable to draw a long breath.

3. Persistent lung infections can also be an indicator of congenital heart disorders.

Treatments include:

1. You may require surgery or antibiotics depending on the professional advice that you get.

2. Before any surgery or medical work that may involve bleeding, you should take antibiotics in order to avoid any risk.