Mesotherapy For Hair!

Mesotherapy For Hair!


By Dr. Ipshita Johri,Dermatology

Mesotherapy is the best non-surgical therapy to stop hair loss, grow new hair, and maintain healthy hair. Hair are the most important part of our body as they help you in enhancing your beauty. When they start falling, our self-esteem also falls. Hair fall or baldness is also known as Alopecia. The person who is suffering from Alopecia also suffers from complex issues. The person who is having full-grown hair will be more confident and smart as compared to a bald person. But, many people suffer from hair loss and it happens because of aging, changes in hormones, genetic problem, fungal infection, usage of gels or other chemicals, Etc. All these problems, not only increases your baldness but also decreases your morale.

Hair loss can affect you emotionally as well. The problem of baldness is not new, it is continuing since ages but in earlier times there were no treatments for this problem, but due to advancement in technology now there’s a solution for this problem. There are lots of treatments available these days, these treatments include medicines, hair oils, therapies, surgeries, Etc. Out of these therapies, Mesotherapy is the most successful remedy.

Mesotherapy is a non – surgical conduct. It is basically a targeted medicine healing which is done by using cocktails of vitamins, minerals, medicines, enzymes, Etc. which are inserted in your scalp and they purportedly target hair root cells which gradually repair themselves with the help of medicine injected and the hairs start growing again. Its the best remedy to stop hair loss. The founder of this treatment was Michel Pistor, it took him almost 5years to make this treatment and this treatment is very popular in South America and Europan countries and the people of these countries are using this therapy for more than 50years.

According to the survey conducted in the above-mentioned countries, this hair remedy gives positive results and is spreading in other countries as well. In India, the treatment is available with dermatologists and cosmetologists. There are trained technicians who inculcate the liquid which is full of enzymes and other medicines in your scalp with the help of electroporation machines . The liquid inserted produces elastin and collagen which gradually improves your blood circulation, stimulates the cells, neutralizes DHT, Etc. which stops your hair fall and helps in growing your hairs back. The treatment is a long process and takes approximately four months, in the process, there are sittings every week or fortnightly . The sittings also depend on the type and problem of the patients. Sometimes, the patients are totally bald so they need more time to recover.

What are the advantages of Mesotherapy?
There are many advantages of Mesotherapy which makes the treatment even more popular day by day. Some of these advantages are as follows:

  • The technique is safe.
  • Minimizes the side-effects such as allergies and drug interaction.
  • Does not involve the use of anesthesia
  • Ensures quick recovery
  • Virtually painless

What can one get from hair Mesotherapy?
The Mesotherapy treatment can provide one with the following:

  • Add to the volume by stimulating hair growth
  • Prevents the excessive and rapid shedding
  • Encourage the follicles to move to the anagen phase
  • It strengthens the hair and restores the lost luster

Mesotherapy is a permanent cure, you don’t have to treat them again and again. The process also increases the thickness of your hairs, provided you should take care of your hair and follow the diet prescribed by dermatologist.