Sex During Periods – 10 Must Know Facts About It!

Sex During Periods – 10 Must Know Facts About It!


By Hakim Hari Kishan Lal Dawakhana Shafakhana, Sexology

Many couples feel anxious about making love during periods because in India, we have been culturally conditioned to believe that menstruation is something dirty. From a medical point of view, sexual intercourse during menstruation is considered to be completely normal. However, most people prefer to refrain from it as they are apprehensive of period blood containing impurities.

Here are 10 facts about period sex you should be aware of:

1. Having unprotected sex during periods can cause pregnancy

Even though the chances are low, engaging in intercourse during menstruation might cause pregnancy as the sperm might thrive in the body till the next ovulation period.

2. The blood coming in contact with your penis won’t cause any harm

It is a bizarre myth that the penis might be affected by the menstrual blood, but in reality, the blood is shedding of the tissues from the uterus and doesn’t contain anything harmful.

3. Oral sex during periods is considered to be normal

Most people prefer avoiding oral sex during periods; however, because the blood doesn’t contain any impurities, oral sex during periods is considered to be absolutely normal.

4. It can relieve cramps

Having sex releases endorphins into your body which have the power to reduce cramps and pain experienced during periods.

5. Period blood can work as a lubricant

Sex during periods can be relatively less painful because the blood acts as a natural lubricant and make the process smoother.

6. You can get STDs if you don’t use protection

The chances of getting STD are very high, which is why you should use protection when you engage in period sex.

7. Having sex can shorten your period

Having sex during periods can reduce the duration as endometrial debris released from the uterus is relatively more than usual. It results in a heavier flow on that day and subsequent and quick drop in the flow.

8. You can minimize the mess

By using a female menstrual cup or a female condom, you can actually control the blood flow during intercourse.

9. Sex during periods doesn’t cause HIV

Having sex during periods can never cause HIV, if none of the partners are affected by the virus.

10. It is completely normal.

Having sex during periods isn’t perverted and a lot of normal, happy couples do it as it is completely safe and similar to normal days.