All About Knee Osteoarthritis

All About Knee Osteoarthritis


By Dr. P. Sharat Kumar,Orthopaedics

It is generally thought that only old people can get knee osteoarthritis and that it is a condition caused only by aging. This is not true. While it is true that knee osteoarthritis is primarily caused by wear and tear of the knee, it can also be caused by genetics, infection, injury and sometimes even being overweight. Here is everything you need to know about knee osteoarthritis.


1. Aging
2. Being overweight
3. Having a family member who suffers from knee osteoarthritis
4. Women are more likely than men to develop it
5. Strenuous activities
6. Injuries from sports
7. Other illnesses


1. Pain:
When you have osteoarthritis, the pain increases if you are active but might decrease during resting.

2. Swelling and Feeling of Warmth:
The joint will swell excessively and you will also experience warmth.

3. Stiffness:
This especially occurs when you have been sitting for a long time in the same posture.

4. Decreased Mobility:
You will find it more difficult to use the stairs, walk or even get in and out of chairs and cars.


1. Weight Loss:
Losing weight can be very helpful as there will be less pressure on the knee.

2. Anti-inflammatory Drugs:
These include acetaminophen, ibuprofen and naproxen sodium.

3. Surgery:
Surgery is a good option when other treatments fail.

4. Braces:
Braces help support the knee and can help increase your mobility.

5. Other Therapies:
There are other therapies which you may undergo including acupuncture and several other supplements.