Wigs for Burnt Hair Loss Patients

Wigs for Burnt Hair Loss Patients


By Looks Forever Hair And Skin Aesthetic Clinic, Dermatology

The excruciating pain is not the only consequence of burn. The aftershock of scarred skin and hair may be even bitter. If the burn affects the hair and scars the scalp, there is very little hope of new hair coming up. Even in a first-degree burn, the scalp may get burnt and the hair follicles may get damaged. A damaged follicle cannot give rise to new hair. The only hope for such burnt hair loss patients is a wig.

Wigs for Partial Hair Loss from Burn:

The person may do with a partial coverage if the burn has affected the hair partially only. If there is a small area in the front or somewhere else, one can go for clipped-in bangs and fringes. These clip-in artificial tufts of hair can merge seamlessly with the rest of the hair. The larger the coverage is required, the larger the base one needs to select.

Wigs for Burnt Hair Along the Part Area:

If the hair along the part area is burnt, it needs a hair fringe or bang with a slim base. This will help the person to part the hair and also merge the fringe seamlessly with the hair.

Wigs for Burnt Hair on The Top:

If the entire top area is burnt, patients need something to cover up the entire top area. A clipped bang with a wide base can do the job well.

Why Choose Wigs?

The idea of wigs is catching up fast. If the fire has damaged almost the entire scalp, there is little chance that one would see any hair coming up. In such a case, a person does need a wig to cover up the entire head.

How to Select A Wig?

While selecting a wig one needs to see that it is comfortable and appears natural.

● Give it a wash and take it to a hairstylist for a particular style.

● Select the most natural looking wig having a modern style

● See that the hairline looks natural

● A monofilament wig can give the most natural look.

Wigs are saviours for those who have lost hair in fire or some other accident. If the loss is only partial, one can go for clipped fringes and bands. If the person does need to use a wig, see that it is a natural one. It needs to be a monofilament wig and should give the most natural look and hairline.