Can Acupuncture Ease Neck Pain?

Can Acupuncture Ease Neck Pain?


By Mr. Santosh Pandey, Acupuncture

From children to adults and elderly people, neck pain seems like a constant across all age groups. Most people spend hours working at their desks in a poor posture. This combined with little or no exercise to release the stress developed in the muscles, aggravates neck pain. It is in fact among the three most commonly reported musculoskeletal problems in the world.

Neck pain can cause varying degrees of discomfort from mild irritation and stiffness to severe pain. It can radiate to the arms and back, which increases your annoyance. If it is too frequent, neck pain affects your productivity and the overall quality of life. If neck pain is weighing in on your life, you can consider acupuncture to find effective relief.

Common Causes of Neck Pain

Neck pain can result from a variety of causes. Some of them are-

• Professional hazard- Certain professions that include manual labour make you more prone to neck pain.
• Degeneration of bones and muscles- Neck pain can be a result of degeneration of bones and muscles in the neck region like ankylosing, spondylosis and cervical spondylosis.
• Sports- Sports that include repetitive movement of the arms can make you prone to injuries in the neck region and neck pain.
• Excessive stress and fatigue- Stress, fatigue and lack of sleep lead to a condition called fibromyalgia that causes neck pain due to the excess tension that accumulates in the muscles in that region.
• Incorrect posture- Neck pain can result from incorrect posture while sitting or lying down. It can also be triggered by using the wrong type of mattress or pillow.

Acupuncture in Neck Pain

Acupuncture is a 3000-year old Chinese practice that restores the balance of energy in the mind and body. The principle includes inserting needles at specific points in the body to redistribute the energy flow or qi. Acupuncture allows the body to heal from the inside.

• The varying pressure of the various needles that are inserted into the body initiates the natural healing response by increasing the blood flow
• Acupuncture stimulates the nerves in the muscles and tissues to release endorphins and other neurohumoral factors to change how your brain and spinal cord perceives pain
• It reduces muscle stiffness by releasing the tension and increases the mobility of the joint. Acupuncture also reduces inflammation, which works to ease your neck pain.
• Although acupuncture is a cost-effective solution for chronic neck pain, it works best for short-term relief
• This is a very safe procedure with very little chances of side effects and immediate results

The effectiveness of acupuncture in easing neck pain, especially of the chronic variety has been proven through clinical tests. By combining acupuncture with proper exercise and posture, you can get long-term relief from frequent neck pain. Take the first step to pain-free living by immediately booking a session with a registered acupuncturist.