Migraine – Ayurveda At Your Rescue!

Migraine – Ayurveda At Your Rescue!


By Dr. V. M. Gupta, Ayurveda

Headaches are a persistent problem for a lot of people. They can vary in intensity from mild to severe. Ayurveda has an excellent track record when it comes to treating headaches.

How does Ayurveda approach headaches?

Ayurveda tries to get to the root of a medical condition and cure it by strengthening the body. Ayurveda attributes ailments to an imbalance in the ‘doshas’. It’s by righting the doshas that an illness can be cured.

There are three doshas in Ayurveda – Kapha, Pitta and Vata. An imbalance of any of the three can cause headaches. Migraines can be chalked up to an imbalance of the Vata-Pitta dosha. When Pitta heats up, it raises the temperature of the body. Headaches with a sharp shooting sensation follow. Migraine headaches could also be triggered by working on a computer or watching T.V for long stretches of time.

Another cause of headaches according to Ayurveda is digestive problems and exposure to environmental pollution, which lead to building up of toxins in the body.

Ayurvedic remedy for Migraines:

Diet: Ayurveda believes the most efficient way to eliminate migraines is a balanced diet. The recommended food that can do wonders is Pitta pacifying diet. Pitta and Avata aggravate migraines. So the food you consume should inhibit their effect on the body. Include fresh and whole foods that can cool your body down, improve your digestion and energize you.

Food that sweetens the sharpness of Pitta and Vata:

• Sweet fruits
• Root vegetables
• Dairy
• Fennel

Bitter food that balances the heat of Pitta/Vata

• Black Tea
• Bitter fruits
• Green vegetables
• Herbs

Astringent foods cool the body:

• Beans
• Skins of fruits
• Parsley
• Lentils

Pitta and Vata can dry up the body. So the body can be hydrated with the following food-

• Avocado
• Butter
• Ghee
• Olive oil

Limit the intake of food that can heat up the body. These are the food that you must not consume in excess-

• Garlic
• Hot peppers
• Hot sauce
• Nightshades
• Alcohol
• Pickles

Lifestyle changes: stress is the chief cause of migraines. So implementing a few changes might cure your migraine. Distress yourself by working out on a regular basis. Take time out from your schedule to meditate. Yoga asanas improve blood flow to the brain and relieve headaches. Staying up late at night only aggravates the problem of headaches. So try to go to bed and wake up early. This routine can cleanse the body’s cycle.

Ayurveda can be effective in the cure of Migraines. Ayurveda uses natural elements to heal migraines without leaving any side effects.