Skin Allergies – Everything You Should Know About It!

Skin Allergies – Everything You Should Know About It!


By Dr. Anil Ganjoo, Dermatology

Irritation in skin can be caused by a number of factors such as medicinal side effects, infections or immune system disorders. When an allergen triggers an immune system response, it leads to a condition known as skin allergy. People having skin allergies may react to certain things that would not bother other people.

What causes skin allergy?

It might take you at least 10 days to be sensitive to something after coming in contact with it for the first time. You may even develop allergic reactions to something even after touching them for years.

Causes of allergy may include any of the following:

1. Sunscreens or Bug Sprays

2. Nickel, a metal that is used in a number of items of everyday use, such as jewellery, cosmetic products, zips and buttons on clothes etc.

3. Cleaning products

4. Medications

5. Plants, such as poison ivy

6. Latex, used in a number of common products of daily use

7. Chemicals

What are the symptoms of skin allergy?

Symptoms may vary depending on the type of allergen and the areas where it affects. Common symptoms include rashes, itching, swelling and shortness of breath.

What are the treatments of skin allergy?

Some of the common treatment procedures can be carried out at home itself. Such home remedies include the following:

1. Avoid Contact: As obvious as it sounds, you must always remind yourself, not to touch things that trigger your allergy.

2. Cool Water: A cool shower can help you get some relief from those itchy rashes.

3. Soothing anti-itch lotions: A soothing calamine lotion can work wonders to your rashes.

4. Go Baggy: Avoid tight fitting clothes. Wear loose and baggy clothes for some days.

In severe cases, if you find your rashes not going away on their own, you must consult a doctor.