5 Important Adult Immunizations

5 Important Adult Immunizations


By Dr. Suresh Ade,Internal Medicine

It is not only children who need vaccination. Adults also require vaccines, at least once a year or whenever there is a health risk. You need to know which diseases you are vaccinated against and which, you are not so that it becomes easier to take care of your health.

Here are some of the important vaccines that are given to adults :

1. The Flu Vaccine

It is given irrespective of age group and is for all adults. The peak time of the flu season is usually in January and February, so you should get the vaccine before it.

2. The Tetanus, Diphtheria and Whooping Cough (Tdap) Vaccine

It is for all adults, and once got, another Td booster should be taken every decade. It is worth noting that pregnant women should also get the Tdap vaccine within 27-36 weeks of pregnancy.

3. The HPV Vaccine

It is for women up till 26 years of age and men not more than 21 years of age. Over the range of a few months, not more than three shots will be given for this vaccine.

4. The Pneumonia Vaccine

This vaccine is usually for adults over 65 years of age. People below that age are also given the vaccine if they are heavy smokers or have serious physiological conditions like asthma or heart disease.

5. The Measles, Mumps, and Rubella Vaccine

This is usually for adults who had not been vaccinated when they were children. This is a one-time vaccine for a major part of the adult population. Only, people who travel to foreign nations may need two doses.