Female Pattern Hair Loss – What Are The Causes & Treatments Of It!

Female Pattern Hair Loss – What Are The Causes & Treatments Of It!


By Looks Forever Hair And Skin Aesthetic Clinic, Dermatology

Baldness in Women or female pattern baldness is generally caused due to an autoimmune disease called Androgenic Alopecia. Baldness in women is quite different from the baldness in men because of the pattern and the way it happens.


● Androgenic alopecia is an Autoimmune disease, which be might linked to genetics. Members of the family who had hair loss problems will usually have off springs that’ll get a hair loss problem as well.

● This condition also happens to women who are going through their menopause. So, it is quite likely that the endocrine system has a lot to do with hair loss, as it is very unlikely to happen in women who are in their 20s.

● It can also be caused due to bad health management like smoking. Smoking causes complex conditions in our body that can affect the endocrine system and can eventually lead to hair loss. Quitting smoking is helpful, not only for this particular condition, but also because of plethora of other diseases related to smoking.

Difference in Pattern

What differentiates the hair loss caused by Androgenic Alopecia in women than hair loss in men is as follows:

● Male baldness usually starts by a hairline. This receding hairline starts from the tip of the forehead all the way to the back.

● The pattern is also quite different in women, as the hair fall starts at the center of the scalp rather than the forehead. Sometimes it is even to erratic to even understand the epicenter of the hair fall as the hair starts falling from random sites.

● The female baldness pattern is quite different because the male baldness takes years to slowly reduce whereas women’s baldness takes only a couple of months for its effects to appear.

● Due to Androgenic Alopecia, a woman loses more than 150-200 hairs every day, whereas a man loses only 40-50 hair daily

● The hair loss also starts by deteriorating the quality of the hair. At first, the hair starts to thin out and then they grow really weak.


● Diet: When hair loss starts happening to women after the 40s, it is generally considered that it is happening due to the menopause. To be specific, it happens due to estrogen loss. So, though a person cannot produce estrogen any more, they can surely consume it through soy-based food. Soy based food has Phytoestrogen (estrogen produced by plants). Though it is quite different from animal estrogen, it can act as a potential substitute.

● Medication: There are many medications that are available that can be applied to the scalp and can also be taken orally. However, these medications are prescribed after thorough diagnostic tests by the doctor.

Baldness in women is quite different, but it can be managed with the help of a hair expert. So, before experimenting treatment options, it is highly recommended that one seeks professional help.