Tobacco And Cancer – Know The Link!

Tobacco And Cancer – Know The Link!


By Dr. Sandeep Nayak,Oncology

Generally, the relationship or link between tobacco and cancer is required to be described; one thing which comes to our minds is that of lung cancer. People who consume tobacco, either through smoking cigarettes or through gutka, beedi and pan masala, have at least 70% chance of developing 14 kinds of cancers including that of mouth, pharynx, nose and sinuses, oesophagus, liver, pancreas, stomach, kidney, bowel, ovary, bladder and cervix.

What Really Influences The Risk of Cancer from Tobacco?
Smokers tend to have a much higher risk of lung cancer than those who do not smoke. There is no such thing as a safe way to make use of tobacco. Some of the points to be noted in this regard are:

  1. A person’s lung cancer is not lower for people who smoke filters and low-tar cigarettes than those who are smokers of average cigarettes.
  2. People, who smoke, sometimes tend to change their way of smoking, so that they can satisfy their craving towards nicotine by taking bigger puffs or even by smoking more cigarettes.
  3. The more number of cigarettes one smoke per day, the higher is their risk of cancer.
  4. The main way through which smoking causes cancer is by getting people’s DNA damaged.
  5. Smokers are less able to handle toxic chemicals than those with healthy lungs and blood.

The Findings on this Issue by the Scientists

  1. Scientists have found some crucial points regarding the link between tobacco and cancer after doing some research. They include:
  2. It is not just the heavy smokers, who are susceptible towards the development of this dreadful disease, ones who are light social smokers, they can also get plagued by cancer.
  3. The number of years which one spends smoking or having other tobacco products affects a person’s risk of cancer more strongly than the number of cigarettes he has per day.

How Can People Deal With This?

  1. People can start off by initially reducing the number of cigarettes per day as leaving cigarette smoking at one go would lead to weight gain, which is also not desirable.
  2. Once they are successful in doing so, they should quit smoking completely.