Delayed Ejaculation – Know About It In Detail!

Delayed Ejaculation – Know About It In Detail!


By Dr. Taj Dawakhana, Sexology

When it takes an abnormally long period of sexual stimulation for a man to ejaculate, then he is suffering from delayed ejaculation. In some cases, it becomes so severe the affected person is not able to ejaculate at all. Delayed ejaculation is common enough as a temporary problem from time to time due to stress, exhaustion etc. However, it is only when it becomes persistent, that it emerges as a true cause for concern.


It is sometimes difficult to recognise delayed ejaculation because the time period of sexual stimulation required to ejaculate varies from person to person. But usually, when it takes over 30 minutes to become sexually stimulated, to achieve an orgasm and ejaculate, then the condition is called delayed ejaculation.

Some causes of delayed ejaculation are:

1. Physical cause

1) Defects or impairments in the male reproductive system

2) Injury in the nerves of the pelvic region that controls the orgasm

3) Infections in the urinary tract can also be a major cause

4) Prostate surgery and post-surgical complications

5) Certain neurological disorders like stroke, or damage to the nerves of the spinal cord

6) Hormonal imbalances, like low testosterone, can also be a major cause

2. Psychological Causes

1) Anxiety and depression play major roles in causing delayed ejaculation

2) Relationship problems sometimes affect ejaculation

Treatment for the disorder

1. Avoid Antidepressants

Certain medicines like antidepressants can delay orgasm. Decreasing the intake of these medicines often solves the problem. If there are no medications responsible, you can take either amantadine or busporine that help in treating the condition.

2. Psychotherapy

Psychological counselling can address and even cure anxiety, depression or relationship problems that may be causing the disorder.