Know Generally Found Skin Rashes!

Know Generally Found Skin Rashes!


By Dr. Avanti Trivedi, Dermatology

Skin rashes are different from other dermatological conditions although a lot of symptoms and remedies might overlap with other kinds of skin outgrowths. Rashes are either bacterial or viral infections, and may or may not spread to other parts of the body but are easily treatable.

The five most commonly found skin rashes include:

Eczema- Eczema is the most common sort of rash, which is an itchy allergy and can occur anywhere on the body, but chooses to occur mostly on drier parts of the body where the epidermis is devoid of any moisture, and grows scaly until it begins to exfoliate and gives rise to eczema. It may either be minor or severe, depending upon which remedies are suggested

Psoriasis- Psoriasis occurs in the elbows, knees, and scalp and chronically affects the formation of new skin cells. Instead red scaly contusions form with vivid silvery borders that are very hard to eliminate by simply medication and ultimately lead to a chronic skin condition

Hives and Scabies- Hives and Scabies are extremely common forms of skin rashes. Both occur in the form of red swollen skin outgrowths that can arise anywhere on the body. Scabies are caused by mites while hives are an irrational allergy that changes appearance every five minutes. They are both easily treatable

Pityriasis Rosea- Also known as the’ herald patch’, it forms rings with pigmented centers bordered by reddish or brownish rings. The lesion can either be round or oval, and lasts up to about six or eight weeks. It is itchy and spreads along the lines of occurrence throughout the body if not subjected to medical care immediately

Athlete’s Foot is a fungal infection that occurs between the toes and is normally associated with allergic reaction to shoes and sock material or travelling barefoot in unhygienic and dirty places.