Ways To Lead A Healthy Sex Life!

Ways To Lead A Healthy Sex Life!

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By Hakim Hari Kishan Lal Dawakhana Shafakhana, Sexology

Who doesn’t look forward for a smooth and satiating Sexual Life? And why one should not?

  • It gives us a healthy and a happy feeling of love and affections,
  • It helps us in pro creation,
  • It gives us confidence to live in the society and lot more.

We should always allow ourselves to have the kind of sex that we enjoy completely.

What are the factors around Sexual well being of a person?

  1. Healthy Body & a Healthy Mind: A stable sexual well being impacts everyday life and your overall health.
  2. Healthy Relationship: Strong sexual health can lead to enjoyable and intimate sexual experiences, hence, you and your partner must develop a relationship fostered around trust and communication with each other and yourselves.
  3. Feelings & Emotions: Sexual well being goes deeper than intimacy as it is also affected by emotional, physical and social issues around you.
  4. Sexual desire: Yes it is an integral part of your sexual well being and should not be suppressed.
  5. Pleasure: Finding deep pleasure in sexual connects is extremely important.
  6. Happiness: Be happy and love your feelings and thoughts.
  7. Communication: Communication with your partner is of utmost importance for a healthy relationship leading to a healthier sexual well being.
  8. Confidence: Having a healthy sexual well being begins with the ability to accept and feel confident with yourself.

Don’t Believe the Myths of Sex

As well as the myth that there is one kind of ‘normal’ sex – and that everyone else is having lots of it – there are plenty of other myths that lots of people believe. Any sex therapist will tell you that they are just plain wrong.  Here are a few commonly held beliefs about sex that you can safely ignore

  • The only true kind of sex involves intercourse
  • Sex should always end with orgasm
  • Sex should always start with lots of foreplay
  • Men need an erection in order to have sex
  • Men should always initiate sex and should be in control of what happens
  • Men are always ready for sex and always want it
  • Women rarely want sex
  • Men should be able to last all night
  • Women should have sex with their partner otherwise they will lose them
  • You should never have sex on your own if you have a partner
  • If you fantasize about someone else you’re not happy with your partner
  • And lot more..

The more you get into these thoughts, the more you stress yourself “sexually”. Please note, one should be free from any such thought to be sexually active. A Person with depression, anxiety, chronic stress, addiction and eating disorders should visit a therapist to improve their problems and overall health. Struggles such as these can negatively impact your way of thinking, causing you to act abnormally and possibly engage in risky sexual actions.

  1. Let yourself have freedom to discuss & communicate sex with your partner freely,
  2. Think and do what you have always wanted to do,
  3. Like Erotic Stories, Go for it,
  4. Do not suppress your Sexual Feelings: Be Open

Get yourself relaxed: Take a message, Do Meditation, Love yourself, your life and your partner. Stay Healthy. Consult an expert whenever you think is necessary!