Hearing Aid Care – Know Do’s And Dont’s Of It!

Hearing Aid Care – Know Do’s And Dont’s Of It!


By Mr. Lovedeep Kholia, Audiology

Hearing aid is a very effective device for people with loss of hearing. It has a subtle modulation function that helps people listen to feeble sounds and reduce loud sounds. These devices can also be customized for individual hearing needs.

The technology used in hearing aids is getting better and better every day. In fact, modern hearing aids can be compared to computers that can perform complex tasks. Such a device can reproduce natural human hearing. It basically consists of a microphone, an amplifier, a loudspeaker, and a computer to regulate all of these. Needless to say, it is a very sophisticated piece of device. This is why people need to be careful about using it. A hearing aid can last for many years, if looked after properly. Let us go through some of the Do’s and Dont’s that need to be kept in mind, while using a hearing aid.

Avoid Condensation

Moisture is not good for hearing aids. Since there are a lot of sophisticated electronic circuits in these devices, moisture can harm them. This is why people need to keep it away from the water. So don’t wear it in the bathroom, while swimming or showering, unless it is certified to be waterproof.

Use Hearing Aid Dehumidifier

Dehumidifier is an ideal device for drawing out moisture. Keeping the hearing aid in a dehumidifier can save it from the onslaught of moisture. Before placing the device within the dehumidifier, one may open the battery compartment to allow air inside. Keep the device within the dehumidifier overnight.


With time, the battery contacts acquire chemical deposits. This can bring down the efficiency of the battery and therefore the hearing aid. It is a good habit to clean the battery contacts with a soft cloth whenever the battery is changed. People also need to clean the ear mold and the dials on the body. If this is done regularly, it can prevent build up of grease and dust inside device. Ear wax can be deposited on small portals. To clean these things, people may invest in a cleaning kit. Such a kit usually contains a brush like structure that can dislodge wax from the ear piece.

Avoid Sprays

If a person is using spray products like perfumes, hairsprays or deodorants, he/she may use it first and then put on the hearing aid. If he/she sprays it after putting on the hearing aid, the aerosols from the spray may get inside the hearing aid and corrode it.

Use a Special Container To Store

If a person is not investing in a dehumidifier, at least use a special container to store the device. It is good practice to place the device inside a colourful and airtight container so that dust and moisture cannot get into it. These are some of the do’s and don’ts for hearing care aid that may be helpful. If these simple practices are followed, the hearing aid will last for a long time.