Parkinson’s Disease – Sound Therapy For It!

Parkinson’s Disease – Sound Therapy For It!


By Dr. Manan Sharma, Alternative Medicine

Parkinson’s disease refers to a movement disorder, which is caused by a degenerative condition of the central nervous system. This often tends to impair the motor skills of those who suffer from it apart from hampering their speech and other functions. The Symptoms start off gradually, sometimes starting off with a hardly noticeable tremor in just one hand. Tremors are quite common but the disorder also quite commonly causes stiffness or slowness of movement.

Now, before we take a look at tips on how sound therapy can help to treat this problem, let us talk about the symptoms and causes of Parkinson’s:

Symptoms of Parkinson’s Disease:

The signs and symptoms of Parkinson’s disease can be quite different for each and every individual. Early indications might be quite mild and go unnoticed. Symptoms usually begin on one side of the body and usually stay worse on that particular side even when the symptoms begin to cause an impact on both the sides. The signs and symptoms could include:

1. Tremor: Tremor usually begins in a limb, most often in one’s hand or fingers. People might rub their thumb and forefinger back and forth.

2. Movement Slowed Down: This disease slows down one’s movement, hence making simple tasks really difficult and time-consuming. A person’s steps might turn out to be shorter while taking a walk. Getting up from a chair becomes really tough.

Causes When anyone suffers from Parkinson’s disease, some nerve cells in the brain tend to break down gradually. The decrease in the level of dopamine causes abnormal activity in the brain, hence leading to the symptoms of Parkinson’s disease. Some of the cause include:

1. A Person’s Genes: Certain variations in the genes of individuals do appear to increase the risk of this disease. Though genetic mutations can cause the problem but in rare instances.

2. Environmental Triggers: Exposure to some toxins or environmental factors might well increase the risk of getting affected by Parkinson’s disease later on.

Tips on Treatment through Sound Therapy

Research has found out that different kinds of brain stimulation can improve the symptoms of Parkinson’s in a dramatic manner. Certain studies have also found that music can improve the transmission of dopamine and serotonin, the transmitters associated with Parkinson’s. Sound Therapy is an extremely promising and supportive treatment for all those who are suffering from Parkinson’s disease as it involves a combination of music and a very specific kind of high-frequency stimulation.

Sound Therapy can help to take care of the following aspects, which get affected adversely due to Parkinson’s. They include:

1. Motivation

2. Coordination

3. Level of energy

4. Vocal tone and modulation

5. Mood and positivity

All these aspects get back to normal level and slowly people manage their way through the problem of Parkinson’s.