Skin Problems At An Older Age!

Skin Problems At An Older Age!


By Dr. B. Lakshmi Divya , Dermatology

Aging and degenerative conditions commonly affect our skin. These conditions can range from wrinkles all the way to bedsores and skin cancer due to the decreased firmness, moisture and elasticity of the skin with progressing age. Here are some of the common skin conditions that come with advanced age:

1. Skin Cancer -

Skin cancer is much more common once you reach the age of 65. It is mostly caused by the UV radiation which comes from the sun. There are many forms of skin cancer, however basal cell carcinoma or squamous cell carcinoma is the two most common kinds of cancer. The chances of this are reduced by not going out in the sun as often.

2. Age Spots -

These spots appear on your body due to excessive exposure to the sun. It is not very serious but does happen to many adults, especially elderly people.

3. Bedsores -

Bedsores are a type of ulcer which develops from lying or sitting in a chair for an extended period of time. This is very common in old people who have reduced mobility. Diabetic individuals also have an increased chance of getting bedsores due to decreased circulation in their body. Rotating or moving around on the chair can easily prevent bedsores.

4. Wrinkles -

Wrinkles can be caused by smoking or years of sun exposure and these are the most common signs of aging skin.

5. Dry and Itching Skin -

Dry and flaky skin is extremely common in the elderly. The loss of oil glands is the main cause of dry skin. Sometimes, dry and itchy skin can be a sign of diabetes, kidney disease and even liver disease.

6. Facial Movement Lines -

This is yet another common skin condition in the elderly. This happens usually around 40 or 50 years of age. These lines can appear anywhere on the face and the lines can be curvy or straight depending on the facial muscles.