Lose Weight Before Wedding – 8 Amazing Tips For You!

Lose Weight Before Wedding – 8 Amazing Tips For You!


By Dt. Vinita Jaiswal, Dietitian/Nutritionist

Your wedding day is the most special day in your life as you enter a new phase with your partner. One of the most important facets of looking your best during your wedding is to lose weight & look fit & active.Having a fit body before your marriage is so important because, “if you look obese/out of shape in your wedding pics , you can’t change it for a lifetime”.

Here are some points to remember and abide by when you are trying to lose weight-

  1. Keep the target of losing weight a priority - If you are over weight you have to ensure that exercising, following a strict diet and all the regimens are strictly adhered to in order to achieve success on this front. This should be started at least a few months before the wedding day so that results are visible on the day itself. Do not opt for any crash diet plan and avoid DIY (Do It Yourself) kind of diet restrictions.
  2. Reduce High Calorie intake food - One of the easiest way to lose weight is to avoid food with high calories like: Sweet & Oily food. High calorie food will not only make you feel lethargic but also make it hard for you to lose those extra pound. Consume only 1-2 tea spoons of sugar and 15-20 ml of oil daily.
  3. Do not skip meals - Have regular meals at the appropriate time. Avoid eating too much in a single meal.Create a balance in your meal by including carbohydrate, protein, fibre & liquid intake. Take 3-4 small meals in a day at regular interval of 2-3 hours.
  4. Avoid junk/Outside food - Junk/Street food is not only unhealthy & unhygienic but they are packed with lots of calories.Burgers,Pizza, Kachori,Samosa & other fried Indian food are high in calories avoid them completely.If you are serious in losing weight before marriage my recommendation is to completely avoid junk & outside food .
  5. Meditate - Meditation is highly important not only to lose weight but also to look energetic & fit before marriage because on wedding day all eyes will be on you. Learn meditation techniques this will not only keep you relaxed but also makes you mentally strong to lose desired weight before marriage.
  6. Don’t Starve - This is a mistake many people make by not eating and over-exercising while trying to lose weight. However, this can rebound and come back to haunt you in a much bigger manner wherein you might end up binge eating. Hence, it is important to not starve and munch on healthy food such as fruits and other low calorie snacks.
  7. Drink plenty of water, which is a very important ingredient in weight loss - An area which you shouldn’t neglect and skimp on, drinking sufficient water is also a necessity in order to achieve your weight loss goals.
  8. Sleep - 7 to 8 hours of sleep is very important to lose weight & to look fresh next day. A good sleep increases your resting metabolism & give proper rest to your body & organs.Avoid heavy meals before sleep & give a gap of 2-3 hours after dinner before sleep.