In Depth About Female Sexual Arousal Disorder!

In Depth About Female Sexual Arousal Disorder!


By Dr. Sharath Kumar C, Sexology

FSAD or Female Sexual Arousal Disorder is a disorder in women due to which they are unable to attain or maintain sexual arousal until the completion of the sexual activity. Reasons behind this may be traced to factors like insufficient lubrication or swelling that occurs during sexual arousal or sexual activity. Such a condition should be distinguished from conditions where there is general lack of interest in sexual activity or other sexual dysfunctions.

What are the causes of FSAD?

Possible causes of FSAD include the following:

1. Childhood events or trauma, especially abusive family members
2. Individual factors may include stress, tiredness, anxiety, depression, etc.
3. The quality of relationship play an important role in determination of the kind of sexual relationship the partners wish to be in
4. Physical factors such as problems of circulatory and neurological functions may affect normal sexual functioning of the body

What are the treatments for FSAD?

Treatment options may be non-medical or medical.

1. Non-medical treatment

Non-medical treatment options include the following:

i. Open communication: Talking and discussing your problems with your partner can help you resolve a number of issues that you face during your sexual indulgence.
ii. Healthy lifestyle habits: Healthy lifestyle activities can reduce your stress and make your sexual experience more enjoyable.
iii. Counselling: A sexual counsellor or therapist can help in resolving your sexual issues.
iv. Using lubricants: Vaginal lubricants are helpful during sex, in case you have dryness of vagina or experience pain during sex.

2. Medical treatment

Medication can be used to treat underlying problems that cause sexual arousal disorders in women. Other treatments include alterations in the doses of certain prescribed medicines. Medicines to treat conditions of thyroid or hormonal problems, medications to treat depression or anxiety may cause sexual side-effects. Minimising the intake of these can help to improve sexual arousal.