Depression – Can Talk Therapy Be Effective?

Depression – Can Talk Therapy Be Effective?


By Dr. R.N.Chaturvedi, Psychology

Psychotherapy is usually one of the first types of treatment that doctors recommend for depression. It involves a patient interacting with a trained psychologist who try and help him/her identify and recover from the causes of depression.

The different forms for psychotherapy are:

1. Therapy for the Individual

2. Therapy for the Group

3. Therapy for Couples

4. Therapy for Family

There are various ways in which psychotherapy can help alleviate depression. These are:

1) Helps to understand and sympathize with the behavioral mechanism which defines the depression and the causes behind it.

2) Psychotherapy understands and attempts to restructure the ways in which the patient may think negatively about himself/herself and helps channel the thoughts to reduce depression.

3) Psychotherapists encourage and instill survival mechanisms and techniques of coping with emotional and psychological strain.

4) Psychotherapists usually encourage the patient to tackle any one of the causes of his depression till a gradual improvement in his/her condition is observed.

5) Depressions which have rejections as their underlying causes are tackled by psychologists by making the patients involved in group activities or games.

6) Psychologists examine the patient’s past relationships to try and work out the ways for correctly addressing the existing relationships.

Psychotherapists discuss the causes of depression with the patient and then recommend ways to combat that depression. This might require extended therapy or medications too. But the primary aim of psychotherapy is building up a harmonious link with the patient to instill the proper psychological mechanisms which will help combat depression and ultimately lead to recovery.