Hyper Activities – All You Should Know!

Hyper Activities – All You Should Know!

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By Dr. Sonali Ravindra Kavathekar, Ayurveda

Hyperactivity is a physical state where the person is abnormally active or easily exuberant. Generally, hyperactive people are aggressive, impulsive, constantly moving and easily distracted. Now, some people are naturally easily excitable but it becomes pathological when this state becomes a problem for them (at work or school) as well as for those around (friends and family). Hyperactivity is noticed mostly in children but, sometimes, adults can be diagnosed too.

What are the causes of hyperactivity?

According to Ayurveda, following are the reasons why a person is hyperactive-

• Vata dosha (ether + air) is the most changeable and moveable so it can easily become imbalanced and cause an imbalance in the other two doshas, Pitta and Kapha.
• The improper functioning of Prana Vata, a sub-category of Vata dosha that relays the information of the world to us through the nervous system
• Obstruction of the Vyana (the circulation and movement of Prana), the second category of Vata dosha, due to inharmonious information leading to body and mind disturbance
• Over-stimulation increases the Prana and upsets the whole body system causing mental and bodily distress.

Treatment methods

Counterbalancing the ether and air with elemental forces of earth can treat hyperactivity. Since each person’s dosha is different from the others, unique approaches are taken in each case.

• Cleansing toxins from the body and mind if the patient has high ojas (level of energy or strength)
• Herbal medicines, food that is slow, heavy and sweet increase the quality of earth in the person and calms the Vata; they rebuild and repair the tissues.
• Change in lifestyle like regular sleep patterns, eating habits and abstaining from disruptive things stabilize Vata
• Avoid stimulants like caffeine and sugar to reduce the over-stimulation of the Vata.
• Rasayana therapies to treat the nervous system; ingestion of oil and ghee stimulate the mind, memory and intellect.
• Mana Shuddhi – Mental cleansing done by resting our senses from hearing, seeing, touching etc.

Hyperactivity in children and adults can be prevented early only if you adhere to a righteous life by making the right choices, living healthily and in balance. Ayurveda can help you to reverse the causes and end your suffering.