Skin Disorder – Can Homeopathy Resolve it?

Skin Disorder – Can Homeopathy Resolve it?


By Dr. Mansi Jariwala, Homeopathy

Skin disorder is a common cause of irritation and concern among people. Various branches of medicines have tried to deal with this problem. Homeopathy, over the years, has proved to be extremely beneficial in treating it. Made from natural substances, homeopathic remedies have no side effect and also succeed in treating a variety of skin disorders. Some of these disorders that can be treated with homeopathy are as follows:


Homeopathy is extremely effective in treating eczema. The countless eruptions and the uncomfortable sensations of itching and swelling aggravates during the winter. Homeopathic medicine Rhus Toxicodendron is extremely useful in treating eczema and curbs the triggering of the rashes.

Thickening of skin

Thickening of the skin occurs due to multiple reasons, sometimes due to eczema or uriticaria. Arsenicum reduces this thickening as well as the rashes and pimples that occur as associated complications.


If an individual is suffering from symptoms of herpes like an outbreak of brown spots on the skin or dryness that releases discharge, Sepia proves to be extremely beneficial. It treats the eruption of the spots and helps the skin to recover from dryness.


During menstruation, women tend to develop rashes and pimples all over their faces. At the same time people suffering from gastritis also face similar consequences. Pulsatilla is an extremely potent homeopathic medicine that treats rashes gently.


Acne is one of the most common skin problems suffered by young girls and boys. Acne causes violent eruption of spots all over the face which also causes itching and redness of the skin. Acne can be successfully treated by Pulsatilla.


Psoriasis is a condition where the life cycle of the skin cells is modified. As a result, the cells die faster causing skin to be extremely dry and scaly. Sepia works wonders in curbing the symptoms of Psoriasis and treating it.