Ayurveda For Diabetes Treatment!

Ayurveda For Diabetes Treatment!


By Dr. Krishna Kumar, Ayurveda

The power of Ayurveda in restoring the balance of your blood sugar levels, that too in a completely natural way, knows no bounds. In Ayurvedic parlance, ‘Diabetes’ is known as “Madhumeha” and considering its adverse consequences on the vital body organs, it is also referred to as ‘maharoga’. Ayurveda medicines contain herbs that actually help in normalizing the blood sugar levels, regulating the metabolism of carbohydrates and sugar absorption and also stimulating the release of insulin by boosting sensitivity to insulin.

Ayurveda works by balancing the three basic energies, called doshas, which we all possess in unique proportions. Each dosha contains two of the five elements. The three doshas are: vata (air & space), pitta (fire & water), and kapha (water & earth). Each person usually reflects one prominent dosha, and when this dosha becomes imbalanced, the body experiences symptoms and illness related to the dosha’s properties. Ayurveda uses traditional herbal formulas and personalized diet recommendations, among other modalities, to balance the doshas and reestablish health and wellness.

Some of these beneficial herbs include gymnema leaf, cassia bark, fenugreek seed, holy basil leaf, jambolan seed, and other natural ingredients, which all work synergistically to balance and maintain a healthy metabolic system, thus helping to prevent and control Metabolic Syndrome and diabetes type 2.

Here are a few of top recommended Ayurvedic herbs:

  1. Gymnema leaves enhance the production of insulin in the body by triggering the growth of pancreatic cells.
  2. Cinnamon helps in regulating fasting blood sugar levels (the level of glucose in blood after a span of fasting) while polyphenols (antioxidants that prevent cardiovascular diseases and other degenerative health conditions) in cinnamon maintain insulin sensitivity.
  3. Fenugreek seeds reduce insulin resistance in patients diagnosed with diabetes.
  4. Holy Basil leaf is used in curing the imbalances of the ‘doshas’ and improving the overall well-being and health.
  5. Neem has medicinal properties which have proven to be useful in preventing diabetes
  6. Mulberry is another suggested fruit for bringing down the blood sugar level.
  7. Bitter Gourd triggers secretion of insulin by improving the functions of the beta cells of the pancreas.

These various herbs have a long tradition of use in Ayurveda, to heal the body and harmonize the mind and spirit.