Colon Hydrotherapy – Best Solution For Constipation!

Colon Hydrotherapy – Best Solution For Constipation!


By Dr. S K Singh,Ayurveda

Colon hydrotherapy has emerged as a very popular way in which people have been helping their digestive system to get a boost. Thousands of people suffer from constipation everyday and many of them permanently have been affected by it. Constipation can be really uncomfortable and bring down the overall tone of your lifestyle. How irritating can it be to move around with an unclear digestive tract? So, people have started to look for different ways in which they can help their overall health in a proper manner.

Read on to know more about how colon cleansing can be helpful.

What is Colon Hydrotherapy?

Colon hydrotherapy is a brilliant option for those who want to keep their digestive system maintained. It is a process which involves administration of medicated water in large intestine through anus at a certain temperature and pressure. This medicated water dissolves the impacted fecal matter and as a result whole fecal matter is cleansed out of colon.

The impacted toxic material present in the large intestine is responsible for ageing process and the onset of various metabolic and auto immune disorders. Once the colon is cleansed this toxic waste present in large intestine is flushed out with positive impact on overall health of the individual.

What Does Hydrotherapy Involve?

Colon hydrotherapy has been effectively deemed to be working when a person is suffering from constipation, IBS etc. It involves the safe and gentle infusion of medicated water through the anal opening into the colon. The procedure does not involve the usage of any kind of chemicals and that is why it is very safe. A healthy and nourished bowel is very much important to lead a healthy lifestyle. Therefore when the colon is flushed from all the toxins produced due to constipation, you feel better.

How Does Colon Hydrotherapy Help in Constipation?

As you know that constipation is a state of the bowels in which the excretion of the feces are infrequent or irregular and difficult. It may also be possible that the intestines become filled with hardened feces. So how can colon cleansing help to get relief from constipation?

• The usage of medicated water down the rectum and colon helps to moisten the digestive tracts in a brilliant manner. This helps the feces to move through a much smoother and clean passage.

• As your colon is flushed from all the excretory bloat, it can function in a more effective manner. Thus it helps to push out the wastes easily than before.

• Colon hydrotherapy also eliminates the harmful bacteria which produce harmful toxins and gases inside the colon and bloats the passage.

So you can see that colon hydrotherapy is a brilliant manner which helps to give relief from constipation, bloating, indigestion, IBS etc. However make sure you consult a doctor and know about all the details involved in the process.

Sushruta Rejuvenation Vasti (Enema): We are combining modern technology with the age old Ayurvedic principles for optimum results.

In this sequence; after colon cleansing by colon hydrotherapy; we are giving patients 50 ml of specially formulated medicated oil per rectum for promoting rejuvenation, weight loss, promoting over all well being, increasing fertility and improving concentration and mental health.