Depression – How Homeopathy Can Help?

Depression – How Homeopathy Can Help?


By Dr. Manish Satsangi, Homeopathy

In this advanced ultra modern world most of us are leading a mechanical life in which they don’t have time to spend for their loved ones and family or even to share their problems and worries. It ultimately ends up with a serious psychological problem called as depression in which the person looks apparently worthless, pessimistic and even end up with suicidal thoughts.

Lack of interest in doing any activities, loss of appetite, insomnia, diminished emotional bonds, persistent sadness, poor concentration, guilty feeling and weight loss is the common symptom noted in depression. It not only affects the mental health it also affects a person’s physical health and sexual interest also.

Homeopathy is the ancient form of medicine which helps the person to relieve from depression in a very natural way without causing any side effects and even sedation.

  1. Aurum met is the commonly used homeopathic medicine for depression with suicidal thoughts
  2. Gelsemium and caladium is the best-used medicine for depression caused due to impotency and excessive body temperature.
  3. Arsenicum album used to treat a person with excessive worries and mood disturbances.
  4. Aurum metallicum is best used for a person with symptoms like restlessness, feeling of worthlessness and suicidal thoughts.
  5. Causticum is used for a person with depression after a loss of loved ones or an unbearable loss in financial state and grief.
  6. Ignatia Amara is the best homeopathic medicine for sensitive persons who often and easily get mood disturbances.
  7. Lachesis muta used to treat depression caused by suspicion, guilt feel and excessive jealous.
  8. Pulsatilla nigricans is used for treating person with sadness, and social withdrawal.

Homeopathy also insists on several natural ways that helps to relieve a person from signs of depression. Setting a routine work, physical exercises, meditation, healthy food habits and adequate sleep helps to get rid of depression in a better way.