Healthy Lifestyle For Child’s Good Health!

Healthy Lifestyle For Child’s Good Health!


By Dr. Shweta Gupta, Pediatrics

By helping your child to lead a healthy lifestyle at a very young age you’re in fact assisting your child in maintaining normal growth and healthy body weight. At the same time, by helping your child to do so, you also help him or her to stay in good physical shape when he or she grows up. Here are some ways in which you can prepare your child to good health:

1. Be a good role model for your child

Being a good role model doesn’t mean you have to be perfect every single second. By letting your child see that you eat right and are physically active, you’re in fact sending across this message to your child that good health is vital to your family.

2. Plan physical activities for the whole family

Spending time together doing a physical activity can be extremely beneficial for not only your child but for your entire family as well. Going for walks, riding bikes, swimming, etc are options that you can consider to make your entire family physically fitter.

3. Always make dinnertime a family affair

One of the ways in which you can reduce the chances of your child to have wrong foods or snack on junk foods is by getting everyone together during meal time. You can get your child involved in the planning and cooking of meal. The result is your child ends up developing good eating habits as well as gets to spend quality time with the family.

4. Go through food labels

Priming your child to good health also involves teaching him or her to read food labels. As a consequence, your child will become conscious of what he eats as well as understand what is good for his or her health.

5. Restrict computer, video game and TV time

Ideally, screen time for your child should be limited to 2 hours every day so as to prevent instances of excessive snacking and sedentary lifestyle and subsequently decrease your risk of cardiovascular diseases and obesity.