Homeopathy for Headaches!

Homeopathy for Headaches!


By Dr. Gaurav Sharma, Homeopathy

Headaches are a very common symptom. For some people, they can become chronic and debilitating. Head pain can be a symptom of many different conditions, so it is important to rule out serious causes such as meningitis, brain tumour, hemorrhage, and dangerously high blood pressure.

Some more common causes include food sensitivities, environmental allergies, stress, nutritional deficiencies, and muscular tension.

Types of Headaches:

There are three main types of primary headaches:

  1. Cluster headache often occurs at the same time of day and affects one side of the head and face, causing deep, severe pain.
  2. Migraine headache experienced as pulsating pain on one side of the head and lasting from 4 to 72 hours, migraine sufferers seek rest in a dark, quiet room. Nausea, light-sensitivity, and visual aura are common with migraines.
  3. Tension-type headache the vice-like pain felt on both sides of the head is more frequent, constant, and mild than other types of headaches. It can develop over several hours and is usually worse at the end of the day.

The Homeopathic Difference:

There are hundreds of possible remedies for the treatment of headaches, so the key is finding which homeopathic remedy most closely matches your symptoms. The following describes some homeopathic remedies:

  1. Natrum muriaticum- When experiencing a headache that can be resolved with Natrum muriaticum, you may feel pressure on the eyes, making it hard to open the eyelids.
  2. Belladonna- If your headaches come and go suddenly, Belladonna might help you. This type of headache is violent, throbbing, and intense with burning heat.
  3. Nux vomica- When a headache is triggered by overeating, coffee, hangovers, lack of sleep, or inactivity, nux vomica may be your answer. Constipation often accompanies the headache. You will feel better if warmly covered and lying down.
  4. Sanguinaria- This headache is associated with nausea and vomiting, and sleep will seem like the only relief. The headache is often right-sided and can be accompanied by other right-sided symptoms, such as shoulder or neck pain.
  5. Bryonia- Intense, sharp, shooting head pain characterizes a Bryonia headache. Your scalp may feel tender to the touch and cold applications help the pain.

Headaches can interfere with your day and affect your ability to function. Fortunately, there are many natural health solutions that can easily be implemented to treat the pain. Homeopathy is a great treatment option, as there are many potential remedies that can resolve headaches. If the pain you are experiencing is the worst headache you have ever had, continues for more than 24 hours, or the pain escalates without relief, see your healthcare professional to first rule out serious causes of headaches.