Popular Myths About Liver Transplant Surgery!

Popular Myths About Liver Transplant Surgery!


By Dr. Sandeep Jha, Surgical Gastroenterology

Liver transplant surgery is a serious and, often misunderstood, medical procedure. The surgery is vital for some people, which is why it essential to bust some of the myths that have cropped up about the procedure. Here is a look at four myths about liver transplant surgery that are simply not true.

Myth 1. The surgery has better chance of success if the donor is alive

Fact: While liver transplant can be conducted using both live and dead donors, there is no indication that one is better than the other. In some cases, family members may donate a part of their liver to the patient, while in other cases a dead donor’s liver might be used. In both cases, the organ is just as effective, if proper care is taken to extract the same.

Myth 2. Transplant will cure liver disease completely

Fact: Liver transplant will only decrease the overall risk the patient faces. However, post the surgery a number of complications can occur, which might put the patient in grave danger. For instance, organ rejection and bleeding are common, but serious risk factors of liver transplant surgery. It is important that the patient follows the advice of the physician post the surgery, in order to minimize the dangers.

Myth 3. Rich people get priority in case of liver transplant surgery

Fact: Liver transplant surgery is costly, but that does not mean that rich people are given priority over the economically challenged patients. In fact, a proper system is maintained where all patients waiting for a donor are placed on a list. Those with the greatest need for a new organ are placed on the top of this list, while those who can wait a few more months are placed lower on the priority list.

Myth 4. You may not get a healthy liver during the transplant surgery

Fact: Another common misconception that people have is that the transplantation does not guarantee a healthy liver. However, only the healthy organs are considered for donation. Damaged organs are never donated or used for transplant surgeries. Therefore, if you have undergone a liver transplant surgery, you can rest easy knowing that the new liver is completely healthy.

To get the most accurate information regarding liver transplant surgery, consult your doctor. They can answer any queries or doubts that you might have regarding the procedure.