All About Hair Loss And Its Treatments!

All About Hair Loss And Its Treatments!


By Dr. Upavan Pandya, Aesthetic Medicine

If you are one among the young population to have been affected by hair loss, then it is time to take a serious note of the issue. Today, hair loss is not an age-related disease as one can find a lot of young men and women suffering from receding hairline and even partial baldness.  The causes of hair loss in men and women significantly differ and hence, hair loss solutions are also not the same for two patients.

Hair loss solutions are many and one should choose a treatment depending on what kind of hair loss are they suffering from. One popular hair loss treatment opted by many patients is the FUE or follicular unit extraction. The procedure involves taking follicular units from dense hair areas of the scalp and applying them to the bald or thin hair scalp areas. The FUE procedure requires several sessions if the patient is suffering from premature balding or hair thinning in different areas of the scalp.

Another kind of baldness treatment is the strip excision hair replacement. The strip excision procedure is different from FUE. The strip excision treatment is where the surgeon will extract a strip from a dense hair area of scalp tissue, which is also known as the donor area. Following this, the surgeon would dismember the scalp area using the healthy hair strip into the hair follicle unit hair grafts.

What makes FUE better than FUT?

FUE is essentially a subtype of FUT (Follicular Unit Hair Transplantation). FUT can be performed in two ways, either by microscopic strip harvesting technique or by FUE. The less persistent nature and rapid healing time have made FUE gain that extra edge over FUT.

How FUE is performed?

The follicular unit grafts usually occur in a grouping of one, two, three or four hairs. These grafts are carefully harvested directly from the donor scalp using a small punch whose size typically varies from 0.7 to 1mm. Through a multiple step blunt dissection process, the underlying follicular unit is alienated from the neighboring tissues. Thereafter, the follicular units can be extorted with the help of forceps. The pores left behind post removal of follicle get healed within few days.

These extracted follicles are relocated to the patient’s balding areas with the help of forceps. This hair transplantation is done either immediately after a single graftis extracted or after the entire harvest is over. The entire extraction and relocation of hair follicle is carried out by experts of the field, aided by trained technicians.

Advantages of FUE:

  1. Less Invasive Technique: Unlike FUT, FUE involves individual extraction of follicles directly from the scalp using small punches. Thus, it does not require any closure of post-extortion wounds. This makes FUE less invasive in nature. This is definitely an advantage of FUE which makes it popular among the masses.
  2. No Linear Scars and Rapid Healing: FUT often leaves behind linear scars on patient’s occipital and temporal areas of the scalp. Furthermore, the wounds due to FUT take more time to heal. Both of these problems are considerably reduced by opting FUE. FUE creates small, circular scars after the transplantation, which goes undetected. The wounds also get healed much rapidly.
  3. Option for Body Hair Transplantation: FUE opens wide options for probable donor areas of hair follicles. The hair follicles can be extracted from any part of donor’s body which has got feasible hair growth. Thus, the hair supply gets increased for any hair repair operation.
  4. Best Suited Eyebrow Reconstruction: All those typical hair transplants, which require extortion of limited number of single hair follicles, FUE is best suited. The hair follicles are individually examined and picked by the FUE surgeons as per the requirement. Therefore, it is best suited for critical procedures like eyebrow reconstruction.

Hair loss solutions should be wisely chosen since you would be spending a big amount on the procedure. It is always a good idea to consult a reputed and experienced clinic on what kind of treatment would be suitable to cure the hair loss that you suffer from.