Can Sex Help In Weight Loss?

Can Sex Help In Weight Loss?


By Dr. Shobhit Tandon, Sexology

Every person wishes to have a healthy weight but at the same time very few of them love hitting the gym or enjoy their workout. At the same time, sex is something that every person enjoys no matter whether its day or night. One very good advantage of having sex is that you can burn out your extra calories.

There are various positions which help you in shedding sweat and reduce your weight. Some of the erotic positions for weight loss are as follows:

1. Doggy Style

This is a position in which the woman is on her fours similar to a dog and then the sexual intercourse takes place. This position has an impact on your arms, shoulders and back.

2. Cowgirl Position

This is a position in which the man lies on his back and the woman is on the top either facing him forward or backward. It is an excellent workout for the lower part of the women’s body.

3. The Kneel

This position is best suited when the couple is of uneven height and standing is a little difficult. In this position, the couple kneels down facing each other and the guy keeps his legs in between the woman’s legs while she slides on his legs. This position reduces thigh muscles.

4. The Balancing Art

This is a position in which the guy lies on his back with his legs folded and the girl sits on his top. It reduces weight from your leg muscles and abdomen.

5. The Clasp

This is a position in which the guy lifts the girl up and clasps her thighs tightly around his hips. This workout includes arms, back, inner and outer thigh muscles.

Get rid of your extra calories by these fun and pleasurable erotic positions.