Does Thyroid Affect Sexual Life?

Does Thyroid Affect Sexual Life?


By Dr. Sudhir Bhola, Sexology

Deficiency of the thyroid hormone can lead to loss of libido. People who have hypothyroidism disorder (underactive thyroid gland) tend to suffer from low libido levels. In these cases, you may undergo hormone therapy to correct the deficiency of hormones in the body.

The symptoms of sexual problems that result from thyroid related disorders are:

  1. Inability to maintain erection
  2. Lack of sexual desire
  3. You may not be feel any attraction towards your partner

However, treatments are always available:

1. Optimized Treatment: If you are currently undergoing treatment for thyroid, then make sure the treatment level is optimized. Once the treatment is optimized, most symptoms tend to disappear.

2. Hormonal Imbalance: If you have thyroid problems, then you may also have problems related to other endocrine glands; it may lead to deficiency of testosterone. There may be problems with the adrenal glands, especially related to cortisol; that may lead to loss of libido.

3. Supplements: You may take supplements to increase libido. The various supplements that you may use are -

a. Asian Ginseng: This remedy helps in boosting your sexual drive

b. Arginine: Popular among bodybuilders and weight-lifters, this is an amino acid which helps in countering the effects of low libido.

c. Horny Goat Weed: This is a herb that is used to enhance sexual functioning in both women and men.

d. Zinc: Deficiency of zinc in the body can decrease your desire to engage in sexual activities. Taking zinc supplements can help reverse this problem.

e. Kava Kava: This herb helps in reducing stress. For women, this acts as an aphrodisiac