Frozen Shoulder – Effective Exercises To Sooth Pain!

Frozen Shoulder – Effective Exercises To Sooth Pain!


By Dr. Anusha, Pain Management

Frozen shoulder is a painful condition that occurs when ligaments around your shoulder joints get swollen and stiffen. It limits the range of motion of your shoulders. In medical term, it is known as “adhesive capsulitis”. It causes inflammation, scarring, thickening and shrinkage of the capsule surrounding the shoulder joint.

Though surgery and painkillers can help, stretching exercises also work really well in healing a frozen shoulder. Some of these exercises are:

1. Towel Stretching:

This is a very simple exercise in which you hold one end of a towel horizontally behind your back and grab the other end with the other hand. Keep stretching your arms upward and downward. This exercise helps in increasing the range of motion of shoulders.

2. Finger Walk:

In this exercise, you simply need to stand facing the wall and keep moving your fingertips beginning from the waist level till the maximum level that you can reach out. Make sure that you make your fingertips move and not the muscles of your body.

3. Arm Up:

This exercise can be done while sitting as well as while lying down. You simply need to sit straight or lie down straight, move your arms straight up in the air and then back to the normal level. By doing this exercise, shrinkage of the capsule surrounding the shoulder is reduced.

4. Inward Rotation:

For this exercise, you simply stand next to a closed door and hook the exercise rubber band around the doorknob. Pull the exercise band towards you while keeping your hand at a 90-degree angle.

Try doing these exercises after a hot water bath for best results.