Buttock Augmentation: What You Need To Keep in Mind?

Buttock Augmentation: What You Need To Keep in Mind?


By Dr. Ajaya Kashyap, Cosmetic/Plastic Surgery

Buttock Augmentation surgery come to the rescue of all those who have too tiny butt. A person might want to opt for a Buttock Augmentation surgery to accentuate his or her desire. As has been noticed worldwide, generally females opt for this kind of surgical procedure to make their backs look more attractive.

Certain points to be kept in mind if you are interested in Buttock Augmentation:

  1. There could be several reasons for you to want Buttock Augmentation, but some of the most commonly observed reasons are; a small back giving your frame an unbalanced look, a straight or block- like figure and a saggy buttock due to aging that further prevents you from wearing fitted clothes.
  2. After the surgery, you are likely to appear younger as your body now flaunts the highlighted curves. You will have a well-rounded figure and can pull yourself off in any outfit whatsoever.
  3. Buttock Implants could slip off post surgery leading to great discomfort and an awkward appearance. If a person suddenly gains weight after undergoing Buttock Augmentation, he or she might end up having a disproportionate back.
  4. The operation leaves you with minor scars which take a considerable amount of time to heal. Also there is swelling, that you may take for several weeks.
  5. Buttock Augmentation may be done through autologous fat transfer (and it is also known as Brazilian Buttock Lift) where fat from one portion of the body is used to provide shape to and form your butt. However, this is a best method to enhance your buttocks and it will give you a natural look.