Dentures – Signs That You Need It!

Dentures – Signs That You Need It!


By Dr. Amee Patel, Dentistry

Teeth are the most attractive area of a photograph. Broken or missing teeth not only adversely affect your smile but also diminish your confidence levels as you go about your daily activities. In such cases, especially of multiple teeth are missing or broken, dentures can prove to be of great Dentures are flesh coloured acrylic base, with false teeth attached that fit into the gum. The roof of your mouth is covered by the base of upper denture and the lower denture accommodates your tongue like a horseshoe.

There are easy signs that signal you need get dentures for yourself. Here are the indicators-

• Regular and severe tooth ache - When severe tooth ache is faced due to the decaying of tooth, the nerve in the centre of the tooth gets attacked. Tooth decay can be treated with a simple filling, but once it increases, you may need to get your tooth extracted. After the tooth has been extracted, you may need a denture to fill in the gap created.

• Gaps or shifting of the tooth – It is important that your teeth are closely in act with each other in order to protect the health of the gums. Gum diseases results in loss of bone in the jaw. Also due to the gap in between the teeth, food gets smashed into the gums, and if the food is hard, it can directly harm your soft gums. To fix this, you may need to get dentures.

• Swollen and bleeding gums - Swollen and bleeding gums are the symptoms of active gum diseases. In order to prevent them, dentures can be fixed.

• Trouble in chewing- Due to cracked or missing teeth and cavities, you might face trouble in chewing. Such troubles, when they get severe, can be overcome by fixing dentures.

• Tooth fall - Sometimes due to the loosening of gums, teeth start falling. This can only be fixed by dentures.